“Beyonce is my 1st blog”


       Beyoncehttp://www.beyonce.com/, “Diva is a female version of a hustler” over 75 million records sold worldwide and 17 grammy wins! She’s a force not to be reckond with. So what has she been doing lately? Well she’s been on the run of course (with her husband. )

The top concert of all year, the mega couple tear up, the all stadium tour. Performing hits after hits. Like “Crazy in love, holy grail, tomford, upgrade you, single ladies , on to the next one, partition,” and lets not forget this epic kodak moment during the hit “bonnie and clyde.


Two and a half hours, 40 something songs, epic dance routines, awsome costumes. If you are a CARTERS fan, then you will love this show! Lets not forget “HBO” will be doing its show of the concert on sept 20th so get your microwave popcorn, wax your floors and get ready to move ya body, yaasssss! Beyonce is a conqueror!

Posted by Skotty the conqueror


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